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About us
Brand Concept:

With high passion and full imagination, we started from scratch. Constantly, we realized inspiration through trial and error,

created brand new product by our heart. From common to outstanding, from general to extraordinary, we keep challenging

“Authorities”, challenging ourselves. We concentrate on best user experience, and continue to innovate and transcend.

Innovation is our motivation, transcendence is our dream! This is our brand concept.

About us:

Shenzhen BROWAY Electronic Co., Ltd is an independent R&D manufacturer and innovative corporation, supplying branded

computer peripheral products. BROWAY is a professional brand for computer accessories products, with R&D and sales

integrated. BROWAY enjoy high reputation in bank, insurance company, school, minor enterprise, factory and individual user,

for upscale computer peripheral digital products.At the same time of building brand,

BROWAY also provides professional service. We can provide innovative solution to meet customers’ needs

timely, efficiently and quickly. We supply service not according to traditional business ways,

BROWAY’s professional R&D team has many years’ experiences of cooperating with well- known company in home

and abroad. BROWAY Owns wide market and design resource, deep and objective insight of home&abroad market features.

As a computer peripheral brand, BROWAY blends “Make Connection easier ” and best customer experience into industry design

firstly and brings out the ideas of “ Easy to use, best customer experience” and “Product First“. BROWAY is doing innovation,

doing design but not doing products only. We do innovation at the height of enterprise and whole industrial chain and put

importance on product developing and market researching. BROWAY always strives to assist customer improving any factors

of developing products at the height of strategy and program, so becomes needful partner of many big enterprises.

Shenzhen BROWAY Electronic Co., Ltd.

Why Choose BROWAY.

Since 2008, BROWAY has been know for premium quality USB3.0 products. and 2015 ,Specializing in USB-C Products

We recognize the important role USB-C Adapter and Hubs will play in computing productivity and take necessary steps to guarantee

a reliable product.

Superior Quality: Broway qualifies all components and test them at all stages of production.

Stability: Established in 2008, BROWAY has grown to be the famous USB-C Hubs products manufacturer in industry.

Reliability: Its commitment to use the highest quality components and to 100% testing makes BROWAY USB-C HUBS

products the most reliable on the market. BROWAY strive to transcend industry standard on details, quality and reliability.

BROWAY established one of the most strictly and reliable testing progress.

Warranty: BROWAY provide immediate, all time and lifetime technique support for products strictly apply to national warranty


International Organisation for Standardization

ISO9001:2015 is the international standard for overall quality business processes. ISO9001:2015 guides companies to create

a foundation for conducting business procedures in a way meant to ensure companies conduct the highest calibre of

workmanship possible. The framework comprises the entire span of delivering a product or service: purchasing raw materials

or components, contract review, quality control product inspection, design, development, handling, delivery, employee training,

and customer service and support. The purpose is to create a standard for overall quality business processes.

Shen Zhen Broway Electronic Co.,Ltd.

Shen Zhen Broway Electronic Co.,Ltd.

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