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Broway Magnetic Laptop Stand USB C HUB
Aug , 10 2019

With USB-C becoming more and more common, Change every day ,Broway was designed New

Magnetic Laptop Stand USB C HUB to make your life more easier.

Magnetic Laptop Stand USB C HUB

In order to Make your macbook fast charger ,there are a few things that are required to make everything work properly,You need 1G Ethernet Port to make your network more quickly ,

you need USB 3.0 HUB for data transfer 5Gbps ,Ultra HD 4K Output: Using the HDMI port of USB C adapter to mirror or expand your screen, you can directly transfer 4K ultra HD video to HDTV, monitor or projector, Delivering crystal clear, high quality video and audio. bringing you a theatrical visual feast and making your life more colorful


Magnetic TYPE C DOCK ,You can use together ,also you can use saperate to make your Macbook or other type C

Computer for standing

Magnetic TYPE C DOCK

Small Size ,Change the normal stand hub ,So big ,which make you to take anywhere ,you can make as on USB C HUB ,Also lifts your Laptop for an optimal view while working, typing or checking your email.


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